About the trucking industry:

  1. Solution: TIEMAC is developing an embedded connected device, advanced telematics, real time operational and back office administration cloud based SaaS mobile centric solution for the trucking industry particularly geared towards over the road trucking operations. TIEMAC is backed by partners such as OSIsoft, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon, Esri and others. Through a special development and manufacturing Agreement with its Chinese partner HUAYU, TIEMAC is able to extend its Internet of Things intellectual property (IP) to HUAYU in bringing, to markets worldwide, TIEMAC branded and IP owned x86 Intel Windows based embedded devices, tablets and smartphones

  2. Problem: As a result of the high cost to operate, it is estimated that the operating ratio of trucking companies is 95.2. This means that for every dollar in revenue the trucking company has a cost of 95.2 cents. Leaving them with a profit of 4.8 cents of every dollar. The major components of cost are Fuel, Salary, Fees & Road Cost, Maintenance and Repairs Cost, Administration including Tax reporting Cost. Wringing cost out of the trucking operations especially for owner operators with 20 or fewer trucks that will help to improve their profit margins from 4.8 cents per dollar to at least double this amount would be a significant benefit to the owner operators. The way to achieve this goal is to used connected internet of things advanced telematics solution to streamline operations that would help to minimize administrative cost, control and monitor maintenance and repairs cost and also meet regulatory requirements while minimizing related fees and road cost.


  4. Markets

    It is estimated that there are over 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S.  Of that, one in nine are independent, the majority of which are owner operators. Canada has in excess of 250,000 truck drivers. Further, it is estimated that these drivers are employed through 1.2 million trucking companies in the U.S. Of that figure 97% operate twenty (20) or less trucks, while 90% operate six (6) or less trucks. The transportation industry remitted $37.4 billion in federal and state highway-user taxes. Commercial trucks make up 12.5% of all registered vehicles, but remitted 36.5% of total highway-user taxes in 2006. Additionally the trucking industry pays an estimated $21.4 billion to operate annually on the roads.


    The established competitors in the industry address only parts of the trucking operations. CrewAccount is geared at placing the day to day operations of the owner operator in the palm of their hands via real time interactive tools operated on a tablet PC. It will automate and streamline their day to day operational, administrative and tax functions thus increasing their net operating margins. No other application provides this comprehensive end to end turnkey solution for owner operators.

  5. Partners in Support:

    TIEMAC is partnering with industry leaders to deliver this very innovative solution.

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